Soait — State Of the Art Infomation Technology.

Soait — State Of the Art Infomation Technology.

Company Profile:

SOAIT is a software development- and service company offering up to date software design, developed to suit the individual customers requirements. SOAIT is committed to provide state of the art software system design for various types of industries and organisations ranging from educational institutes, research faculties, clothing stores, fashion industry, marketing, hotel and restaurants. We have accumulated a wealth of experience based on successful cases and established a good reputation among our satisfied customers because SOAIT stands for “long service integrity, cooperation and excellence” while keeping up with the rapid development and apply it to actual work. SOAIT provides software design, databases, website development, webshop and other web services, valuable to the customers.


Cultural view of SOAIT:


Aim to provide the best products and services.


Encourage, support and respect each other.


Use innovative approach to solve problems.


Think creatively, but focus on the goal.


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